Acumos: PC Graphics Processor
Adaptive Solutions: Nueral Network Processor
Artisan Components: LSI libraries
Audyssey: High Quality Audio Technology
AutoGrid: Energy Management Platform
Cresscendo Communications: Switching Hub (acquired by CISCO)
Condusive: Disk Access Optimizer
Envivio: MPEG4 Encoding/Decoding systems
Flipchip: High performance flipchip technology
Instant802: WiFi technology
Keyssa: Wireless Connector with 6GHz radio
Matrix Semiconductor: 3D One Time Programmable Memory (acquired by SanDisk, now Western Digital)
MagSil: Magnetic Memory
Nazomi Communications: Java Accelarator
Newlans: Programmable RF Tuner (acquired by TDK)
SnapTrack: Location Detection Technologies (acquired by Qualcomm)
Solido Design Automation: Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design & Simulation Tool (acquired by Siemens)
Spin Memory: Magnetic Memory
Starlight Networks: On Demand Video Distribution System
Summit Microsystems: USB Charge IC (acquired by Qualcomm)
Tessera: Ball Grid Allay Technology
Transmeta: Low Power RISC Processor – X86 compatible
Tripath Technology: Digital Audio Amplifier IC
Ubicom: Network Processor
ubitus: Video and Game Distribution Technology
Zight: Liquid Crystal on Silicon Display

And More…