RF filter design expert. Resonant has own design/simulation tool, Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN) software.


3D archtecture Li-ion battery cell design and manufacturing company. Enovix Li-ion battery cell has much larger energy density than conventional Li-ion battery cells

Analog and Mixed Signal IC design service company
Celera has own automated design platform with AI technology


Low Code platform provider. ARGOS-RPA+ platform has significant flexibility to add new plugins to integrate 3rd party API and Python codes

Skipping Stone

Skipping Stone is global energy markets consulting and technology services firm launched by former energy CEOs.


Qorvo’s ultra-wideband (UWB) technology opens up new possibilities within mobile, automotive, industrial and consumer IoT markets and applications. The Impulse Radio UWB technology pioneered by Decawave (acquired by Qorvo in 2020) enables centimeter accuracy distance / location measurement and secure low-power, low-latency data communication.